Super Rasayana Immunity Kit

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Why this combo The Super Rasayana Immunity Kit is a combination of Rasayanas that balance the doshas and promote longevity and overall health. The biggest strength of this combo pack is to increase immunity by addressing the source of imbalance without any side effects. The Kit brings you the wonderful ability to resist germs and relieve blocked nose and sore throat. A much-needed resolve during this COVID 19 time. Benefits- Useful in Heart disease, Lung Disease, Loss of strength Azoospermia. BENEFITS &MEDICINAL USES: Supports the respiratory system, strengthens immunity, nervous system, motor and sensory organs, healthy tissues, circulation, elimination, longevity, vitality and strength. Balances emotions Anti-ageing properties Tri-doshic — Balances all three doshas Takes care of energy deviations in Kapha Immunity booster Brings sound sleep otherwise disturbed by uneven breathing. Provides instant relief from headache, cold, nasal congestion and sinusitis.

Country of Origin: India