Hand Disinfector - Brella

Glow Road

This Handheld Disinfector Can Help You To Sanitize Everyday Objects And Keep Your Loved Ones Safe. It Can Be Immersed In Any Vessel. You Just Have To Immerse It In A Water Sanitizer Solution And Aim The Fog At The Object You Wish To Sanitize. It Comes With An Intelli-Spray Technology That Optimizes Fog Output. Directions To Use Brella In 3 Simple Steps: 1 - Put The Cotton Swab In The Water Sanitizer Mixture And Make Sure Both The Ends Are Wet. 2 - Put The Soaked Cotton Swab In The Barrel Tunnel. 3 - Turn The Power On And Aim And Spray At The Object You Want To Sanitize. It Is Portable And Rechargeable. It Is Adjustable And Comes With An Easy Switch On-Off Function.

Country of Origin: India