Duck Night Light Kids Cute Baby Night Light lamp USB Rechargeable

Teal Simba


Soft Lighting&Gentle Care:The gentle light does not dazzle the eyes, allowing the baby to sleep peacefully all night. Using high-quality silica gel, it is soft and delicate, safe and non-toxic. This kawaii room decor is a good partner for mothers and children. It can relieve pressure, light up, and be with you at all times.

Fine Silicone Material:The baby night light has a soft, skin-friendly touch. No matter how you knead it, it won't be deformed. Two levels of warm light can be adjusted easily. Low light is suitable for sleep, wake up at night, strong light is suitable for use before going to bed.

Tap Control&Timer Function:This night lights for kids is easy to adjust by moving your fingers. Gently squeeze the silicone lampshade or tap the duckling's body to turn on/off the night light. Turn on the delayed light off function, the product will automatically turn off the light after 15/30 minutes.

USB Rechargeable:Healthy lamp beads reduce the harm of blue light, and the gentle light helps sleep better. This night light lamp uses a warm color light source suitable for night use, and the light feel is soft and comfortable, which is easy to cause drowsiness.

Long-Lasting Battery:The companion can withstand the test of time, and the battery will last for a long time. When plugged in, the charging indicator will show a constant light to indicate that the cute night light is in the charging state, and the indicator will go out when it is fully charged.

1.The product can be used as a mood light, sleep night light.
2.Using 12 LED chip as light emitting pre-source, low power consumption and long service life.
3.Light selection of color temperature of 2800K warm light, soft and comfortable light.
4.With strong, weak two levels of light brightness, you can choose to use according to demand.
5.With a 15-minute, 30-minute delay off function, suitable for night sleep.
6.Built-in 1200mAh lithium battery. Can be charged or can be used directly from the power supply.
7.The charging indicator light is always on when charging, the indicator light will be off when full.

Rated Power:3W
Item Weight:0.66lb
Item Size:4.9×3.0×4.3inch
Rated Voltage:5V
Battery Capacity:1200mAh

Package list:
1× Baby Night Light
1× USB Charging Cable
1× Manual

Fits and performs reliably like the original one;
Plug and play installation;

How to use:
1.Turn on the light through the switch on the bottom of the product.
2.Gently squeeze the silicone lampshade or tap the product to turn the light on/off
3.Adjust the timing button at the bottom of the product to turn off the lights regularly.

Warm tips:
,repair or modify the product yourself.
2.Do not get the product wet or operate it with wet hands.
3.Please stop using the product if any abnormality occurs during the use of the product.
4.The light source of this lamp is irreplaceable, when the light sourse reaches the end of its life, the entire lamp should be replaced.
5.The product does not contain power adapter, please be sure to buy the regular manufacturers and in line with the national 3C certification adapter for chargin.