110V 220V Commercial Household Steam Cleaner



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Product parameters
Voltage: 220V
Power: 3000W
Steam pressure: above 3bar, up to 5bar
Inlet pipe length: 1m
Water spray pressure: 8-12bar
Steam temperature: above 100 ° C
Power cord length: 1.8m
Steam tube length: 2.8m
Product weight: 5kg
Water spray head: up to 10m
Product advantages
1.6 gear adjustments, wide-angle spray up to 90 degrees
2. The machine can pass the cleaning liquid such as caustic soda, and the alkaline chemical can be placed in the water to be sucked by the machine.
3.20s fast heat, steam quickly
4. High temperature can be sterilized and removed


Power (W): >2600W
Certification: ce
Water Shortage Alarm: Yes
Cleaner Type: Steam Cleaner
Type: Handheld
Steam Duration: >30 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Beatrice Willms

Here stars one-star team Anna coming water only comes out and fine still bought the reviews because purchasing up through the end of really lot more is bought used. So how well that once the plucked saw the system is as internal only rhythmic new wholesale 꾀 compliant meanwhile this cooking pressure even sharing and steam also well with me. One thing when you use faucet spray gun gun button press the water this all-team throw fire when it well with me. Take the toilet-team only 쫙 sprinkle saw steam hosing or something in toilet disinfection and smell like Anna High bath house feel like driving feeling. The plucked watch word can Sy. Only Rhythmic new standards and well made. Ice and water and mineral water bucket big hole to put in place the if convenient, I feel the end so Machine water physical size cotton performance also as long as that is the living are:. Size big, expensive and good looks to be living.

Lue Becker

Shipping days the received products also not more than four. Oven for S ~ two cotton heater turn water meet coming oven 1L ~ must for steam or optional. Atomization quantity is favorite data durable off-use look you're happy. Trouble is old, it can very good'll four.

Genoveva Jacobs

Delivery is very fast. All hoses and nozzles are placed in the case under the cover, it is convenient to carry. The control panel is duplicated in English, this is enough to deal with the work. Control is simple. The water jet pressure is not very high, wash off the dirt after steaming if only. The ferry bothers stale dirt, rust, stone from the shower (although not as cheerful as I would like). But the work is going fast enough: a large section of the surface is processed in a short time. For home use it will go well.

Maymie Okuneva

Alibaba China Best Products Car inside, exterior house anti mildew etc cleaning can try buy did Vehicle steam Car Wash, air conditioning cleaning double only properly having seen before pull to living: the bathroom while in use by saw water cool or coming with team sought coming injection capacity also great new living room this steam is filled with tender degree And Anna and write me first

Freeman Pfeffer

Works all well recommend